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Lefty Explorer Guitars

Welcome to the world of lefty guitarists and join in the search for a lefty Explorer. Unfortunately, Gibson no longer produces any lefty Explorers.

Maybe you've been fortunate and stumble on a used one using eBay or in a used guitar shop, or then again maybe you haven't. It is my understanding that there was a limited run of Gibson USA Explorers from 1983 through 1988.

Like I said, I heard it through another person so I'm not sure if that is completely accurate. I am certain however that there are some used lefty Explorers out there in limited supply and high demand.

We Need the Lefty's Input...

lefty Gibson Explorer guitarLefties are out there, and they are always looking for guitars. It is said that 15% of the world's population are lefties and therefore there can be as many as a billion lefties roaming the earth today.

As for lefty guitarists, the number is just speculative, but based on past estimates, there can be as many as 2.4 million lefty guitar players in the United States alone. I derived these numbers using elementary school mathematics and the latest census numbers.

They are, of course hypothetical estimates nonetheless. Believe it or not, another odd fact about lefties is that they tend to be wealthier than right handers. This is key to buying an electric guitar in the first place, you can't buy a guitar if you don't have any cash.

If you can add any production amounts, or historic facts involving the Explorer, be it a Gibson or another brand, send us an email or use the comment form below to add your valuable information to the site.

If you happen to be a current owner of a rare lefty Explorer please click here and help us out by uploading a picture. Once again, we are looking for pictures of the Gibsons as well as any other brands (Ibanez, Hamer, ESP, Peavey, Etc).

Other Left Handed Explorers

Other manufacturers have mimicked the Explorer body in lefty version. Gordon Smith is located in the UK, although I don't know much about them, there is a photo of a lefty Explorer style guitar in our photo gallery.

Also, there are SX guitars which are good quality imports geared more toward lefty beginners. Their prices are very reasonable and they are available in the USA.

They are worth the investment if you're looking to try out an Explorer shaped guitar without spending the money on a custom lefty guitar. There are currently two models available, a black version and a metallic maroon version.

Gaskell Guitars is a reputable company that makes an Explorer shape guitar in a lefty production model at an affordable price. This company is Australian and is concentrating on lefty guitars only.

They produce various colors and also a pro model for a few more dollars. Gaskell Guitars is worth checking out to see what has been provided strictly for the lefty guitar players throughout the world.

Another option is a lefty Hamer Standard. These can be ordered and built in Hamer's custom shop with the price point of a typical custom electric guitar. be warned, the word "custom" automatically takes you to a new price point.

Discuss Left Handed Explorer style guitars...

I took the time to contact Gibson via email recently and I was told that the demand for lefty guitars is low all around, therefore there were no plans in the near future to produce the Explorer in a lefty version.

It would require complete re-tooling of their production line which makes it impractical for them to devote their resources to producing lefty guitars.

Just how many lefty guitarists are interested in owning a Gibson Explorer? Why don't we find out... I'd started a basic petition to submit to Gibson with names of perspective Explorer buyers. Maybe if we could drum up enough names to send in to Gibson USA, they would consider a short term run of lefty Explorer guitars.

This is for the lefty guitarists only please, check out our petition here.

You can also voice your opinion in the the lefty guitar thread of the Gibson forum. There is a good possibility of being heard in their forum.

Join the Lefty Gibson discussion in the Explorer guitar forum...

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