Lefthand guitars

We've partnered with eBay for multiple reasons. lefthand guitars are continually listed with competitive pricing and a nice combination of new and used. There are lefthand guitars available from most major names including Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, and so on.

You may have an opportunity to save on sales tax when buying here. They only collect sales tax where required by law. This has become a hot-bed issue since these tax laws are continually changing.

It is imperative you understand the current laws in your home state if you wish to receive the best pricing on a specific guitar.

As with cars on dealer's lot, inventory of musical instruments will change. I usually recommend an eBay search or a search at Amazon if you are looking for a discontinued lefthand guitar or some rare breed of guitar you've only seen in a magazine.

Gibson lefthand Explorer
As these venues feature many different sellers so you would have a better chance at finding an odd-ball lefty.The traditional guitar shops will most likely stock only the latest catalogued models and if you're lucky the unsold old stock.

One other item to watch for, many of these lefthand guitars will qualify for free shipping since they meet the required order minimums set by most of these vendors. This can mean more savings than buying locally at a guitar store if you've got the right circumstances.

We know for certain that lefthand guitars are not manufactured in the same quantity as the righty's so finding the right price on the right guitar is always more challenging.

And as for the elusive lefthand Explorer style electric guitar, the battle continues. Gibson no longer manufactures a production model so if you have enough cash you always have the option of a custom from their shop.

This is the case with a few other maufacturers like Hamer, their custom shop can buzz together a lefty Hamer Standard on order. But for budgetary reasons, most of us can't afford that option, so production Explorer style lefty's are a rarity.

Gaskell is always an option, and eBay sometimes has an actual Gibson listed if you watch carefully...

Discount priced lefthand guitars...

eBay |:|:| Both new and used guitars listed for sale from many sellers

Amazon |:|:| World's largest online retailer with a variety of sellers

Gibson and Epiphone Lefthanders

lefthand Gibson SG guitar
Gibson SG
lefthand Gibson Standard guitar
Gibson Standard
lefthand Epiphone SG guitar
Epiphone SG
lefthand Les Paul guitar
Les Paul

Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, Schector Lefthanders

lefthand Ibanez guitar
Ibanez RG
lefthand Ibanez RG120 guitar
Ibanez RG120
left handed V guitar
Shecter V
lefthand American Strat guitar
American Strat
lefthand Jackson Dinky guitar
Jackson Dinky
lefthand Telecaster guitar
American Telecaster

Douglas and Agile Lefthanders

lefthand purple Agile guitar
Agile Tribal in Purple
lefthand Agile Interceptor guitar
Agile Interceptor in Red
lefthand Reaper V guitar
Agile Reaper Flying V
lefthand Douglas guitar
Douglas Guitar in Red
lefthand Douglas V guitar
Douglas Flying V