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Left Handed Explorer Guitars

Welcome to the world of left handed guitarists and join in the search for a left handed Explorer. Unfortunately, Gibson currently does not produce any left handed Explorers.

left hand cherry sunburst explorerMaybe you've been lucky picking up a used one on eBay or a used instrument store, or maybe you haven't. From second hand information it is my understanding that there was a limited run of Gibson USA Explorers from 1983 through 1988.

Like I said, I heard it through another individual so I'm not sure if that is completely accurate. I am certain however that there are used left handed Explorers out there in limited supply and high demand. The explorer has its place in guitar history, and left hand guitarists would appreciate being part of that history.

The Explorer puts forth an image of power, and an image of strength. It was way ahead of its time when first released, but its association with hard rock and heavy metal has made it a staple of the music industry.

We Need the Left Hander's Input...

We are always looking for input regarding these guitars. If you can add any additional facts, production amounts, or Explorer history on the Gibsons, send us an email.

ash left handed gibson explorerWe'd love to post any additional information on Gibsons or any other brand similar in appearance to the original Explorer.

If you happen to be a current owner of a rare left handed Gibson Explorer please click here and help us out by uploading a picture into our photo gallery.

Our photo gallery consists of various brands of Explorer shaped guitars. We like to see Explorer shaped guitars from other maunfacturers as well as true Gibson's, and we are especially interested in left-hand guitars in particular.

Other Left Handed Explorers

Gibson's custom shop will produce a left handed Gibson Explorer if your pockets are deep enough. This is an option for some players. For those looking elsewhere, there are other manufacturers out there who provide options.

left handed gaskell explorer guitarIf you can afford a custom built explorer, the Hamer Standard is available through their Custom shop. They retail for around $4,400.00.

Their shop is located in Bloomfield, CT USA and if you can afford a custom build, you can simply contact one of their authorized dealers. According to their website, there is a 4 -6 month wait to complete a custom order.

Dean also made a left handed Explorer shape guitar (model Z79 or model ZX) with their unique Dean V shaped headstock. These are very hard to find in left handed versions therefore the current price is unknown.

Gordon Smith is located in the UK, although I don't know much about them, there is a photo of a left handed Explorer style guitar in our photo gallery. This may be another viable source for custom left handed guitars if you live in this region of the world.

Also, there are SX guitars and Agile guitars which are good quality imports geared more toward beginners. Their prices are very reasonable and they are available in the USA.

Gaskell Guitars is a reputable company that makes an Explorer shape guitar in a left handed production model at an affordable price. This company is Australian and is concentrating on left handed guitars only. They produce various colors and also a pro model for a few more dollars.

Gaskell Guitars is worth checking out to see what has been provided strictly for the left handed guitar players of the world.

In Summary...

Until Gibson changes their mind, left handed guitarists can still own a Explorer type guitar produced by other guitar manufacturers. Gaskell produces the Gaskell Classic and Gaskell Pro in various colors. I have purchased a Gaskell and done an in-depth review for left handed guitar players who are interested in non-Gibson Explorers.

This guitar company could be the answer to your prayers... that is... since Gibson doesn't seem to take left handed guitarists very serious.

SX produces an Explorer style guitar in left handed versions called the GG2, this is budget friendly and is available in black and maroon only.

Discuss Left Handed Explorer style guitars...

I took the time to contact Gibson and I was told that the demand for left handed guitars is low all around, therefore there were no plans in the immediate future to produce the Explorer in a left handed version.

It would require complete re-tooling of their production line which makes it impractical for them to devote their resources to producing left handed guitars. This cookie-cutter answer makes no real sense.

Just how many left hand guitarists are interested in owning a lefty Explorer? Why don't we find out... I'd started a basic petition to submit to Gibson with names of perspective Explorer buyers.

Maybe if we could drum up enough names to send in to Gibson USA, they would consider a short term run of left handed Explorer guitars. Left handed guitarists only please, check out our petition here.

You can also voice your opinion in the the left handed guitar thread of the Gibson forum. There is a good possibility of being heard in their forum.

We have launched a forum so guitarists can voice their thoughts. You'll need to register, but it's quick and painless. Oh yeah, we do not share email addresses with anyone, so take a minute and register...

Join the Left Hand Gibson discussion in the Explorer guitar forum...

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