Explorer Guitar Videos

You may find some Explorer videos on You Tube, I think there's some cool Explorer guitar playing posted. These days the ultimate home for videos is Youtube and it has gotten harder to get guitarists to submit their vids for display anywhere other than the internet's largest video depository.

Live guitar playing in the form of recorded guitar videos is a great way to immortalize talent, even if you're not in the hottest band in the world. The Gibson Explorer as well as other explorer shaped guitars seem to make rock music explode into your face, it must be that iconic shape, not really sure I guess...

Ideally I'd like to host a few videos of guitarists simply playing or maybe even shredding on their explorer-type guitars. If you've got a link you'd like to submit for your band or your solo send it in using our contact form and I'll post it here.

This is your chance to be a star, thanks in advance for your participation and hope to see some guitar vids soon.

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