Explorer bass guitars from authorized dealers

We've partnered with the best bass guitar dealers in the business for multiple reasons. These guitar shops have been serving up electric and acoustic bass guitars and all type of musical merchandise for years through print catalogs, via phone orders, and of course on the web.

They offer their own generous warranties to help insure your satisfaction following your purchase with details listed on each particular site. They do not collect sales tax except where required by law. The details of who collects tax and who doesn't is continually changing.

You should be educated on your home state's sale tax laws before purchasing any guitar online because it can actually influence your purchase.

Explorer shaped bass guitar
Explorer bass guitars are even more rae than standard 6 string electrics. The selection is slim, it always has been that way thanks to the explorer shape enjoying less popularity among the bass guitarists I guess.

Your best chance of finding explorer shaped bass guitars would have to be eBay since there are a variety of sellers listing both new and used instruments for sale.

For now I have linked to the instrument suppliers' bass guitar sections because their inventory has been changing rapidly and the best way to view current stock is to just browse each store.

Also good to note, just about all of these Explorer bass guitars qualify for free shipping from the professional vendors which means you can save actually more cash than buying locally at a guitar store.

When you price out the bass, you'll need to take both sales tax and shipping costs into consideration. Happy bassing...

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Discount Priced Explorer bass guitars...

eBay |:|:| Both new and used bass guitars for sale from many sellers

Amazon |:|:| World's largest online retailer with a variety of sellers

Explorer style bass from authorized dealers...

Musician's Friend |:|:| They offer free ground shipping on most orders

Gear 4 Music (UK) |:|:| One of the largest retailers of bass guitars in the UK

Gaskell Guitars |:|:| Specializing in left handed guitars and basses with Explorer shape

Gibson Explorer Bass Guitars

Gibson  Explorer bass guitar
Gibson Explorer Limited Bass
Ibanez Destroyer bass guitar
Ibanez Destroyer Bass Guitar
ESP Explorer bass guitar
ESP EXP104 Bass Guitar
white explorer guitar
Dean Z Explorer Bass Guitar

Dean and Modulus

Dean Spider Explorer bass guitar
Dean Spider Explorer Bass
Modulus bass guitar
Modulus Vertex Bass Guitar
more bass guitars to come
More to ComeStay Tuned
more bass guitars to come
More to ComeStay Tuned