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Well actually there's not much to tell... The about us section of this site is quite brief. About us, should actually be about me. I am a left handed guitarist who enjoys networking via the internet.

My quest for a left handed Gibson Explorer began years ago. I was shocked and actually a bit confused as to why there was a shortage of Gibson Explorers made for the left handed guitarist.

This revelation led me to construct this site. The Fabulous World of Explorer Guitars is a tribute to the Explorer shaped phenomenon as well as a plug for the plight of the left-handed guitarist.

I add new information from time to time as I see fit. I also update the links in the guitar store occasionally as well. I added a comment form to most pages in the hopes of getting more user interaction, preferably from guitarists and not spambots. Hopefully that feature will prove worthwhile.

The comment area on each page is also great for those who have questions regarding any make or model of explorer shaped guitar. Some of the guitars featured on don't totally imitate the explorer style exactly, but thrust forward an image that resembles the original Gibson Explorer.

Since the signature shape of the explorer guitar is so recognizable, even the similarly styles guitar bodies are worth noting. As a matter of fact, some of these explorer-esque guitars actually receive rave review on many of the guitar review forums. So their inclusion on is due to this similarity and not the exact duplication of Gibson's classic instrument.

Contact us if you've got any questions or comments about us or regarding the site. That's it for now, Keep jammin'

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