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O' Hagan Explorer Guitars

The O' Hagan Explorer is actually just an Explorer shaped guitar. I'm not actually sure on the true model name but I believe it was the Shark. There are some O' Hagan reviews over at Harmony Central as well as a few other guitar forums around the internet.

From what I could determine, O Hagan guitars were made in the USA. The only info I really found was this article here.

Guitar manufacturers come and go and apparently the O'Hagan brand of guitars is no different.

O Hagan Explorer Shaped GuitarO'Hagan guitars may have never had the impact of musical instruments the way names like Fender or Gibson did, but it seems as though they made a somewhat of a dent of their own. As for celebritiy usage.

The only reference I could find was that of Sammy Hagar who voiced his satisfaction with his O-Hagan in an interview in years gone by. The Shark however was not the specific O'hagan model he owned, but it was an O'Hagan nonetheless.

The Shark is an Explorer-like beast, not identical to the Explorer in shape but strickingly similar. From a distance, one may be fooled momentarily. This model was initially released somewhere around 1979.

The company disappeared sometime in the early 1980's due to financial problems and from what I understand, remaining stock was eventually auctioned off and O'Hagan Guitars was dismantled officially.

This is all the specific info I have right now but if you'd like to add to this description I'd appreciate any information sent to me right here.

I'm looking for descriptions, pictures, production years, availablilty, and that sort of info. If you can help out, please do. Please use our public message board below to post your O'Hagan guitar comments, reviews, questions, or advice.

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