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The LTD Explorer is actually just an Explorer shaped guitar. It does not duplicate the Explorer design exactly, but provides a strikingly similar shape with more edge to it.

The shape of the LTD EX series offers the world a cutting edge appearance and is popular with the metal crowd. It is available in various models called the LTD EX-50, EX-250, EX-260, EX-301, EX-400, and EX-401.

There are plenty of reviews over at Harmony Central as well as a few other guitar forums around the internet.

LTD seems to have an affiliation with ESP, I am not sure how the companies are intertwined, one owns the other or if LTD is simply a model of ESP? I'm looking for more information.

LTD Explorer Shaped GuitarLTD guitars are made by ESP and more information can be found on them at They currently feature multiple color variations for this model on their site labeled the EX series.

The EX series features a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogeny neck as well as 3 controls and EMG pickups. The EX Explorer shaped guitars are popular with the metal crowd and seem to go hand in hand with serious shredding.

The sheer appearance of the EX explorer-style series guitar will make you want to drop everything and simply shred.

The list of famous and accomplished guitarists who use ESP brand guitars is long and well rounded. Some big names in the entertainment industry are Damon Johnson from Alice Cooper, George Lynch of Dokken, Mike Duda of Wasp, Richie Sambora, Rob Caggiano, Ron Wood, and many more.

The entire list can be seen here. There seems to be anenormous presence in the metal world.

This is all the specific info I have right now but if you'd like to add to this description I'd appreciate any information sent to me right here. I'm looking for descriptions, pictures, production years, availablilty, and that sort of info. If you can help out, please do.

If you are looking to buy or get an idea on prices, some of the popular online instrument suppliers stock LTD equipment.

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