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Gaskell Explorer Guitars

Gaskell guitars are manufactured and marketed to left hand guitarists globally. The company is based in Australia but has representation in strategic locations around the world including the UK.

The Gaskell website provides adequate photos and descriptions of their left handed lineup. In Explorer shaped guitars, they currently produce the Classic, the Classic II, and the Pro.

These three releases encompass a broad price range and the pro model offers the buyer some nice options. Check out the Gaskell website to see the guitars and get complete descriptions.

Another interesting product from gaskell is the left-handed Explorer bass. Original Explorer bass guitars were manufactured from 1984 to 1987.

They were not available as a production model in left handed versions. Gaskell provides the opportunity to own a lefty Explorer bass guitar to the southpaw community. Bassists can check it out here.

Being a left hander myself. I acquired a Gaskell Classic. My experience has been documented on the website. You can read my Gaskell Classic review here.

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