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The Epiphone Explorer is a an Explorer copy imported from overseas, mainly China I believe. It is available in a variety of models including the Goth, a Korina version, a Futura style, and of course an Ebony version with a white pickguard.

It has been reviewed over at Ultimate Guitar as well as a few other guitar forums around the internet.

Epiphone Explorer Shaped GuitarEpiphones are pretty common guitars. They're manufactured in a facility that maintains the highest quality standards in China from what I have heard and read. I have not ever possessed an Epiphone myself, but have friends who have.

So I have seen and heard the Epiphone garble up close and as personal as you can get without playing it yourself.

The Epiphone brand of guitars at one time were made in the USA, this changed in the 1970's when the brand moved its manufacturing into Japan. As far as I can tell from reading historic account of the Epiphone brand, they later moved to Korean manufacturing facilities and later China.

This manufacturing is done by instrument contractors who would be licensed by Gibson. Technically, I believe there may still be building Epiphone guitars in Japan, Korea, and China simultaneously, but I'm not certain.

If you take notice at their complete model line, they are basically cheaper versions of most of the Gibson guitar lineup. This is a great concept for those who can't afford an American made Gibson.

This is all the specific info I have right now but if you'd like to add to this description I'd appreciate any information sent to me right here. I'm looking for descriptions, pictures, production years, availablilty, and that sort of info. If you can help out, please do.

If you are looking to buy or get an idea on prices, Musician's Friend stocks plenty of Epiphone guitars and equipment here.

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