Aria Pro Explorer Guitars

The Aria Pro Explorer is actually just an Explorer shaped guitar. It is actually called the Aria Pro ZZ. It has been reviewed over at Harmony Central as well as a few other guitar forums around the internet.

I have no experience with these guitars so I'm looking for info anywhere I can get it. Their official site is located here.

Aria Pro Explorer Shaped GuitarI have no personal experience with the Aria Pro lineup, however I have seen and heard them out and about in the club scene.

From a distance, they seem to rise above average in sound and style, but again, I have never actually played one. Any information I have compiled is through internet forums and magazine articles.

Believe it or not, Aria was founded all the way back in 1956. After achieving some success with just acoustic guitars, they began designing and munfacturing electric guitars.

They eventually would attract big names in rock like Cliff Burton of Metallica, Neil Schon, and Yngwie Malmsteen as well as a host of others. Aria electric guitars are made in Japan with quality that rivals of any other manufacturer.

They have built a solid reputation and earned plenty of respect throughout the years. Aria dealers are easy to find, you can use their dealer locator on the Aria website here.

The company appears to be actively producing and developing guitars and it looks as though that won't be changing any time soon.

This is all the specific info I have right now but if you'd like to add to this description I'd appreciate any information sent to me right here. I'm looking for descriptions, pictures, production years, availablilty, and that sort of info.

Any lefty Aria Pro owners we would definitely like to hear your thoughts as well. If you can help out, please do.

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