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Agile Explorer Guitars

The Agile Ghost III is an Explorer shaped guitar imported to the USA. It has received glowing reviews on Ultimate Guitar as well as a few other guitar forums around the internet.

It is priced just over $300.00 US dollars and appears to be a decent guitar for the price. It has that famous Explorer shape and looks like a quality instrument.

It features a set neck, mahogeny body, and a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. According to Rondo's website it weighs a very reasonable 9 lbs.

Agile Explorer Shaped GuitarI have never personally played or owned any model from Agile so I can't give it my personal thumbs up. I have read a few articles that offer nothing but praise for these guitars. From what I have read, they are very well designed and built for their price point. But you can check it out in more detail for yourself.

The right-handed version of the Agile Ghost is sometimes in stock in black at Rondo Music, but it's also listed on eBay from time to time.

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They do produce this Explorer shaped Agile guitar in a left handed version. It is available for about $20.00 more than the standard right hand guitar.

It has identical specs to the righty and is also available in black. The left handed version of this guitar seems to be in and out of stock depending on when you attempt to purchase it.

Either the left handed versions are built in limited runs, or they are very popular selling guitars. You can check eBay for a used lefty Ghost also.

Left Handed Agile GuitarAgain, I have never had an opportunity to play one but they are in stock at Rondo for a reasonable price. This lower price point gives the left-handed guitarists a shot at owning a decent explorer-shaped guitar at a good price.

The problem is timing. I see these guitars being out of stock more often than not. (This actually adds to the mystique...)

Again, check out the current stock at Rondo for the left handed version of the Agile Ghost if you are a lefty guitar slinger.

They also list numerous other left hand electric guitars in a variety of styles and colors from Agile over on eBay, if you're not set on the Agile Explorer shaped guitars, you may find something else that interest you.

You'll need to take a few minutes and scroll down the page through the listings, but there are a number of different models that were released over the years. The prices seem reasonable and they are available for delivery in the USA.

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