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My lefty ESP (LTD) Explorer


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My lefty ESP (LTD) Explorer
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:47:22 PM »
Took me many many years to find one, not least one in this country (UK), but almost ten years ago I finally did. Other than swapping out the Duncan Design pups for a pair of EMGs (81 and a 60, of course) it's as standard as the day it was born. Plays beautifully after a fret dress and a proper set up by guitar store working friend.

It's also almost 8 years to the day that I stupidly did not buy a left handed white '85 Gibson explorer; a genuine Gibson not Epiphone and a genuine '85 not a reissue. I regret not buying that still to this very day.

My life would be complete with that white '85 (or an '84), and another ESP/LTD I could put a diamond plate "cover" on to replicate a JH-2