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The Fabulous World of Explorer Guitars

Welcome to the fan site for Explorer guitars in both right and left hand models (we're not going to forget the lefty's). The Explorer was produced by Gibson initially from 1958 to 1959. It was called the Futura supposedly because of its futuristic shape.

If you happen to be lucky enough to own an original Futura / Explorer, help us out and send in some pictures and information. Gibson pulled the plug on this guitar after fewer than 100 were made due to poor sales.

1979 gibson explorerThe guitar remained a footnote in guitar history until 1975 when it was resurrected by Gibson because other guitar manufacturers were beginning to release and successfully sell unusual shaped guitars similar to the Explorer. This rockin' guitar has been copied but never duplicated. We all know there's just something about that eyecatching shape...

SInce then there have been popular reissues from Gibson through the years including a left handed version during the 80's.

Past and present models include the Explorer 90, Explorer Standard, Explorer Studio, X-plorer, Explorer Pro, and the New Century. They also produce various import Epiphone versions for those on a tight budget.

If you appreciate the Explorer, please share this info with your guitarist friends. The Explorer has developed a cult following over the years, it would be nice to see the popularity continue to grow.

Thanks in advance for sharing...

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The Other Brands...

gibson explorer left hand modelPlenty of knock-off versions, or copies, have also been produced from other big name manufacturers. We've listed some basic descriptions of these guitars as well as an area for commenting on most of them.

Some of them are almost exact duplicates of the Gibson Explorer, and others simply resemble the signature shape. The design varies among the manufacturers.

Check out the explorer-like guitars from Aria Pro, Cort, Dean, Dommenget, Epiphone, ESP, Gordon Smith, Hamer, Jackson, Kramer, Ibanez, LTD, and Peavey, Tokai, and more.

Many of these are known to be high quality instruments popular with rockers all over the world. Also, check out some Explorer bass guitars available for purchase.

Comments and Discussion

We've added an electric guitar forum to further pursue comments and discussion for those who want to elaborate on a particular guitar. This is the best way for other guitarists to provide feedback and valuable information on all brands of Explorer guitars.

The comment boxes are also ideal for guitar related questions regarding the make or model featured on that specific page. We are using the Discus system since there is a large user base, if you are not a Discus member, you will need to register for an account. Registration is free, easy, and totally painless.

The Explorer Photo Gallery

Check out our Explorer photo gallery (we're always looking for pictures of custom Explorer guitars), various facts and info, used guitar classifieds (including want ads), special section for lefty's, as well as our links to authorized Gibson dealers if you're in the market for an new Explorer of your own.

We've also added some links to some homegrown Explorer guitar videos available for your viewing pleasure at You Tube.

Last but not least, if anyone has anything they'd like to add including historical facts or information that you see lacking here, feel free to contact me any time. We are currently seeking photos of custom Explorers, so be a guitar hero and send in some nice pictures (I'm looking for more pics for the home page). Enjoy the site!

For the Lefty's

Let's face it, the left hand guitarist gets no respect. The limited availability of left handed electric guitars is an epidemic. Some manufacturers have made an effort to provide a few models for the lefty, but the selection never rivals the selection available to the (much larger) right hand market.

Left hand Gibson Explorers are not currently in production. This is a sore subject for the left handed musician looking to add an Explorer guitar to their arsenal.

Update for the Lefty's, I have contacted Gibson customer service regarding the production of left-hand Explorers, you can read what I've learned here.

Our Main Features...

Some of our main features here include free classifieds, an article on the original Explorer, some information of left handed guitarists, and the guitar gallery. Enjoy...